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Mira Katan Kahles

Professor Mira Katan Kahles is deputy chair of the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Basel (USB) and the first female chair of a Stroke Center in Switzerland. In addition, she still holds an affiliation with the University and University Hospital of Zurich (UZH/USZ). Mira Katan Kahles researches the identification, evaluation, and validation of novel diagnostic, prognostic, and aetiological stroke markers to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Oriol Manuel

An associate professor at the University of Lausanne and Lausanne University Hospital, Oriol Manuel performs patient-oriented clinical research. His research focuses on the prevention of viral infections after solid organ transplantation, a key element for improving the survival of transplant recipients.

Philipp Kohler

As a senior registrar at the Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen and a privat-docent at the University of Zurich, Philipp Kohler is an infectious disease specialist who is particularly involved in antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention. His research focuses on the epidemiology of antibiotic resistant pathogens and ultimately aims at preventing further spread of these resistant pathogens in healthcare settings. He recently seized the opportunity to add another research focus and now leads a multicentre cohort on respiratory infections in healthcare workers.

Gregor Hutter

In addition to being an assistant professor at the University of Basel, Gregor Hutter is a neurosurgeon at the Basel University Hospital.

He leads the Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Lab, which aims to develop therapies to fight against glioblastoma, a fatal brain tumour that is resistant to all treatments. His work focuses on reprogramming the immune tumour microenvironment to regain antitumour functions.

Selma Aybek

Associate professor at the University of Bern and Co-Chair of the Psychosomatic Medicine Unit within the Neurology Department of the Inselspital in Bern, Selma Aybek’s research focuses on functional neurological disorder, a disease showing abnormal sensory-motor processing and stress dysregulation. Using neuromodulation and stress reduction therapy, she explores treatment options to improve the life of patients suffering from this disabling disorder.

Mauro Manconi

As a professor and the Head of the Sleep Medicine Unit at the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland in Lugano, Mauro Manconi combines clinical and basic research to better understand and treat sleep disorders. He takes a particular interest in sleep-related motor disorders such as restless legs syndrome.

Sophie de Seigneux

A talented researcher at the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospitals, Sophie de Seigneux successfully combines clinical care and translational clinical research. Her research focuses on optimising the diagnosis and non-invasive monitoring of renal diseases and on the pathophysiology of chronic renal failure.